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Childhood Remembrance June 3, 2011

Hi Richard ( or Dickie as I remember you.)

When I watched your YouTube presentations and you mentioned your father I thought I would send you a couple of memories I had about him. One was how cool he was for organizing and running night gym at North Junior for indoor soccer. Another was one day when Freddie and I had a fight in your backyard. We were rolling around punching each other until your Dad came out and grabbed us both by the shirts and separated us and explained that we should not fight because we were friends and that was not the way to settle things. He made us shake hands and he went into the house and brought out popsicles for Freddie and myself. We continued on our day and forgot about what the fight was about. I just wanted to pass along some good memories about a good guy and an example of healing in action.

San Francisco, CA

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