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“Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier.”
(Mother Teresa)

What follows is written out of love and respect for all! This global poem is one we all should relate to in remembering the horror of 9/11, with wild cries being heard in common from the four corners of the globe.

In the days after that infamous carnage, I wondered why the world’s religious leaders were not all publicly holding hands together while making bold new pronouncements in faithful unison that we are all God’s children!  Yes, all in one family, identically created in love! Such compelling questions continue to demand answers from religions leaders, governments and all human institutions. For God’s sake, and for everyone’s sake, we pray Religion renews itself in living up to its potential for echoing and exemplifying the love of all creation.

“What Have We Sown?”

I was birthed and then baptized,
A Submerging of salvation capsized?
Are others disdained and wholly un-sanitized?
Who stained glass so unholy and rationalized?
Assured that your soul is certainly saved,
What else is inferred by this spirited phrase?
As judge and jury render infidels depraved,
Executing edicts to accept orthodox ways.

Bow to Allah, for yes God is Great,
The Qur’an covers this good news.
Yet should death be ones faithful fate,
If not fully conforming to such views?

Reflecting upon Buddha’s purest quest,
As millions still quietly pursue,
Meditations purity absolutely suggest,
Godly conflicts cannot possibly be true.

Intentions for the Hindu, Seem similarly true,
Living for liberation to truly pursue,
Discovering bliss is already within you.

If a people are specially “chosen”,
What stones will then befall me?
Shall thou now be in damnation,
Without heaven or safe haven to flee?

Be it the Bible, or any faith further evolving,
A book of Mormon, or reformations revolving.
Do new inspirations separate present from past?
Or do golden plates create more divisions to cast?

Right or wrong, whether chosen or not,
Is a soul either saved, or condemned to rot?
Heated debate, judging good and bad,
Fostering hatred, renders our religions so sad.

God’s own children, he redeems or condemns?
Religious intermediaries intervene with amends?
Is denominational dominance righteously rewarded?
Are competing theologies then mutually thwarted?

Every faith seems fractured in two,
Catholic or Protestant, pray tell what is true?
Islamic conflicts between Sunni and Shiite,
Intersecting violence over whose sect is right.

Wherein lays all these heavenly proofs?
What is really being spoken under religions roofs?
Is theology in alignment with an all loving creator?
with spirits broken, betrayed by the fruits of their labor?

If proof is measured in actual outcomes,
What did the centuries witness and see?
Has religions recruitment, yielded any lessons,
remembering to “forgive seven times seventy”?

I do not believe Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed or a Dalai Lama,
Nor a God or Goddess, decreed this hateful human drama.
Faith preaches that we all love each other,
A human family, as sister and brother.

All created in God’s loving image,
Decimated by man’s killing carnage.
Do you approve of humans spiritual history?
Unholy paths prove no longer a mystery!

Disciples faithful to kill and to maim,
As Apostles secure a more fervent shame.
What is truly being sown in all of the preaching?
Has religion been faithful, and true to their teachings?

So you be the judge, for the divine is within you,
Will we reach out in love, or teach hate to continue?
Seeking your creator directly, No need of holy men or hierarchy,
Speaking your peace from the heart,,

For within you is love, free to impart.
So let your spirit lead your body,
In God’s ways you shall finally be shown,
By simply loving everybody, The seeds of salvation are thus sown.

“Condemnation, Revelation, Salvation”

Exposure to the elements reveals the harshest of truths,
As old husbands’ tales were told and tragically taught,
Of untold horror, and angry creations of human thought.

From our own actions grew humanity’s history book,
Flinching away from death’s documented cold look,
Histrionic indeed, chronicling cycles of scarcity and greed.

Who dares to speak for the dead, glorifying loved ones last breaths,
Despite eulogies to honor, buried soldiers cannot speak their peace,
Disputes stoically suppress our losses, leaving us unable to truly release.

Left to honor with heroic rituals, a monumental curse is accidentally cast,
Pledging future generations, to loyally repeat the past,
Flags cover up consternation, doldrums direct us nowhere fast.

Yet a funny thing happened on the way to a spiritual forum,
In singular immersion, I sought answers without a quorum,
Without reservations, I crashed the gates of high heavens.

From there on high I dove into the depths of hell,
Dying to be burned, or perhaps perish as well?
But die I did not, as the heat triggered a transformation,
Exposing human illusions of judgment and condemnation.
I witnessed foggy falsehoods disappear in evaporation,
In ascending I arose with a divine affirmation.

Discovering God’s elevated love is given without damnation,
In this divine moment we can choose our awaiting salvation,
Ending millennial fears that have plagued every nation.
No longer fallen from grace, from our old repetitive story,
With free will we deliver ourselves as God’s greatest glory?

“Religions Renewal”

I am a person whose life and spiritual path has been positively enhanced by various aspects of every major religious tradition. In respect for all creation and all people, I humbly share in good faith one of my recurring dream experiences that occurred over many years. In the year 2000, one such dream had repeatedly awakened me one winter night with a persistent message. At the time I just viewed it like any other dream, and discounted it, not taking it too seriously. After several similar recurrences I could not get back to sleep, so I eventually left my bed for the computer and wrote down the consistent and inspired communications. I would return to bed for a peaceful sleep after placing a copy in my files where it remained largely forgotten for a decade until now.

“Let it be known that the divine speaks to everyone, from within. Some are spoken to through dreams, visions, and angels, or a myriad of other methods so innumerable as to be beyond our comprehension. At this time in human history, everyone is being individually alerted and invited to prepare for receiving each other in a renewal of love, faith, and unity. This will also present a collective opportunity for the world’s religious institutions to demonstrate spiritual truth by example, thereby fulfilling their original potential for ever having come into existence! Institutional responses aside, this is a calling for each individual to peacefully live in faith, no longer any need to die for it. Your desired future is that simple!
If you so choose, you have the free will to remain in your current fearful state of being. The choice has always been yours.”

Go back before any original sin,
Back to our creation as related kin.
Before any philosophical treatise or theology,
Prior to words, with voluminous Christology.
Before patriarchal clerics ban science as revolution,
Burning healers as heretics, and books on evolution.

When did you cease believing in omnipotence?
Who limited your God to speak to only one faith?
God’s unlimited power speaks to all without wrath,
With messengers to the masses, on every cultural path.
Unconditional love, without reasons or recompense,
Producing love’s sweet fruits, faithful to common sense!

Real renewal, restores one wholly communion,
May religion now re-embrace our loving reunion,
Return before the state of lying in original sin,
Renew the remembrance of our eternal origin!

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