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The first duty of love is to listen. (Paul Tillich)

Oneness – Microcosom

Within my book is a chapter titled “The Lightness and Brightness of Being: Sacred Sexuality, a link to our Healing” (Rumi’s Rhythms and Songs of Solomon for the new millennium). Here I attempt to address our sexuality in a highly positive and productive new light. For instance when we see the natural loving expression of our divine sexuality unnaturally suppressed, one can often observe tragic results in the form of abuse and exploitation. Such results can occur from our muting God’s glorious loving gift to all of us. At this point in human history, a new millennium presents a unique opportunity to discuss engendering a positive new balanced view of our sexuality. With fresh perspective we might effectively readdress, re-frame, and renew our loving sexual relationships in a profound way. Profound in terms of a simplicity that lovingly supports the beautiful bliss intended for both body and spirit since our creation. It is our birthright and paradise experience to celebrate. By more openly acknowledging and blessing sexuality as a gift of divine unity, (as opposed to many historical treatments of sexuality as a somehow inherently ungodly path) we can happily recognize the manner in which we are all gloriously and eternally connected. Within this living example of expressing the deepest possibilities of human love, we experience a glimpse into understanding and comprehending this link to the universal glory of our shared oneness as eternal beings. Let us view this topic anew and join in spirit with Solomon, and Rumi in writing a new chapter in our ongoing love story waiting to fully flower.
“I would love to kiss you! When soul rises, into lips, You feel the kiss You’ve wanted.” (Rumi)

“Immersion In Sacred Spaces”

Sacred Space

Sheer spirit and pleasure,
Summers warmth to treasure.
Dark illusions evaporate in loves glow,
Emerging from a mist, arises a rainbow.

In such sacred spaces, true colors show
Outward my energies openly flow,
I am frozen in her sunny heat,
My heart melts in willing defeat.

A surrendering of my will,
So willingly occupied ,
Spellbound I am still,
Within mother earth Preoccupied.

A powerful sharing so freely falls,
Refreshing us from its watery walls
Deepening breaths, cleansing strife,
Watery depths, produce exotic life.

Submerged in our most primal mooring,
Enraptured, entwined, embraced,
Until the light of a new morning,
Within a woman’s presence, my being is graced.

The feminine divine, a soul’s revelation,
Her restoring touch could save every nation.
Our world needs a woman’s good graces,
Submitting to her holy and sacred spaces.

The Sacred Feminine, a Goddess revealed.
Restoring her place leads us to be healed.
So taste her goodness, breath in her scents,
Healing in our oneness, she is heaven sent.

Sheer pleasure revealed through the mist,
Rainbows lighten hearts, as softly as a kiss.
A Goddess to Treasure, by day or night.
Many blessings to you, in love and light!


Sex and spirituality are one and the same – we are all born through sex, and hence it is through sex that we can connect back to our spirit. – (Lao Tzu)

Sensing one’s touch,
Touching my soul The power is such,
That all should know In delightful caressing,
We are enlightened so.

To sense silks touching,
Softness meeting firmness,
Suppleness is life affirming,
Softly greeting life’s hardness.

Moistly nourishing our thirsty skin,
Permitting penetration deep within.
Sensually searching for our hearts,
Healing the past, freeing fresh starts.

Such is the solace of sensual touch,
Searing the sadness, healing so much.
Touching and tasting, inhaling the scents,
Sensing our goodness in all its Resplendence.

Such a heat melts the hardest of flesh,
Forging a lush union, we willingly mesh.
Vigorously enjoining, gently absorbing,
Softly we sense our hearts transforming.

An angel, a friend, spirit and soul,
The power of touch, we all should know
With loving caresses, we are enlightened so,
Healing and guiding us in the afterglow.

Reconnecting With Our Divinity

“Apathy Penetrated”

Can a shot of love penetrate the grief?
Affection is infectious, in providing relief!

Loves gifts are theoretically extolled,
Yet often unused and undiscovered,
Sadly unseen rendering hearts left cold,
In hypocrisy they lie unopened and covered.

In failing to go down below the surface,
Were unable to inhale life’s sacred scents,
Nor tasting nectars, due to raising hellish fears,
Cultural codes cover our eyes, silencing ears.

Loving appetites are slowly suppressed,
Heavy spirits sink, so lowly depressed.
Creating a cocoon of acquired apathy,
Lacking love in our sterilized sanctuary.

Recalling your inheritance, hearts re-alerted,
Your loving nature need not be deserted.
So act to reclaim your just deserts,
Reopening hearts, healing what hurts,

Permitting your passions, love flows,
With renewed hearts, ones cup overflows.
Allowing one self to receive pleasure supreme,
To be absorbed by the love of another being,

Penetration to the soul, transcends gender and time,
Receiving becomes giving, beyond reason or rhyme.

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