Paradigm Prophecies: Reflections for Healing

The book for anyone seeking healing and forgiveness.

"The Paradigm Prophecies: Reflections for Healing," by author Richard Francis Moore is a treasury of healing writings, stories, and poetry from people across the globe. With nearly a decade in compiling these stories, Moore artistically crafts a must-read book that offers helpful and hopeful guidance to those in search of personal healing and forgiveness.

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A note from the author

"A closing reminder before leaving you to pursue your healing journey, is to remember that not one of us is always correct, or in error; never totally heroic, or forever humbled. The truth is that we can all grow from each other’s experiences when we make mistakes or succeed by making important contributions in our sphere of influence! Since we all get opportunities to play varying roles on the stage of life, the question is: How will you freely choose to contribute and participate in our increasingly shared future together on a planet desperately in need of healing? It doesn’t take a prophet to predict change is coming, but it does take visionaries to help create paradigms for a healthier future. "

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What people are saying

"I enjoyed this masterful mix of prose and poetry."
"A beautiful book for healing.. at a time when we need it most.
Thoughtful and clear. It is a balm for anyone seeking healing."
"The healing reflections are heartfelt, palpable, and easy to relate to."
"An invitation to proclaim power over your own life,
an ultimate reality that remains ever available to all."

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The new book, “Paradigm Prophecies: Reflections for Healing,” by author Richard Francis Moore is a masterful fusion of prose & poetry, uniquely combined to offer a personal approach to healing & forgiveness.

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