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“Every patient carries her or his own doctor inside“.  (Albert Schweitzer)

“The Sun And The Moon”

Seeing Through The Darkness

In the closing of our eyes, returning within,
Gaining insight and vision from our place of origin,
Here one may better view the truth in our hearts,
Enabling the stars to guide humanities fresh starts.

By understanding our place from deeper distances,
Beyond the reach of our immediate circumstances,
By shedding light upon any current curses,
By altering our course, humanity advances.

So embrace everything under Gods great creation,
As we can freely choose our mutual salvation,
Available at any moment, for one and every nation.
Just observe the false foundations,
and join anew in our re-creation.

“Light & Dark”

Be wary of all that shines much too brightly,
Watch a magicians hands, move ever so slightly
That which seduces us to the highly visible,
Showcasing the loudest, and most often the miserable.

Supporting foundations of false paradigms,
Displaying only what it wants us to view.
A Fractured mirror hides revealing signs,
That would lead us to a peace to see anew.

Fragmented reflections only multiply distortions,
Of further separation, and escalating disproportion.
Misdirected beams of light emit a shattered confusion,
Alarming warlike drumbeats, and deafening our solution.

Keep a healthy distrust of what you think you see,
As we stage human dramas, in our tragic comedy.
For everything in your mirror, is not as real as it appears,
History documents our illusions, with the passing of years.

“Full Circle”

Round and round killing we go,
Cycles of hatred we so well know.
Coming full circle, the enemies face did show,
As a view of ourselves, on our orbiting inferno.

Religions soldiers, onward they go,
Deflating our globe, with inflated ego.
Self-defeating, buried in cemeteries we’ve sown,
Much life now limited, to the grass that’s grown.

How to stop this ceaseless blaming and blaming,
A cease fire for hatred, still flaming and flaming.
Such grave acts incinerate an inheritance to bestow,
Condemning each generation to a familiar death row.

Such are the seasons, with this choice of brief life,
Yet there is reason, inspiring voices beyond strife.
With bombs bursting in air, we blind our sight,
Of more glorious stars beaming heavens insight.

In the sacred rotation of brother sun, and sister moon,
Revolving spheres shine upon us, to light our way soon.
Under new spheres of influence, envision new creations,
Of a well rounded human family for future generations.

In breaking this cycle encircled by hate,
A revolution to forgive, let us not hesitate,
Braking millenniums of fostering fear,
Embracing all as sisters and brothers so dear.

A genesis of choice awaits the whole human race,
A universal desire, circumventing time and space,
Choosing to rejoice, not going backward in disgrace
Observing our communion, growing forward in grace.

In the seasons of life, we spin each cycle in turn,
Yet simply loving another, is life’s reason we discern.
Salvation is at hand, grasp the fruition of a forgiving miracle,
Of original innocence, a birthright of paradise full circle.

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