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“Humor is the great thing, the saving thing. The minute it crops up, all our irritations and resentments slip away and a sunny spirit takes their place.” (Mark Twain)

Holistic Highway

I asked nurses for some candid advice,
About deeper healing, it needn’t be nice!
It need not be refined, or politically correct,
I only cared about the healing effect!
Tell me where I might seek other answers,
For me and so many wounded bystanders.

So they told me their truth to go here and there,
To drop my notions, and breath in some fresh air.
They told me I’d discover new methods of care,
Some may match my needs, if only I’d dare.

So I began with chiropractic,
For some relief of my sciatic.
With all my nerve, I took action into reflexology,
As one foot at a time, they treated my whole body!

Seeing my way to the next stop, was an iridologist,
Was I now becoming a serial seeker of therapists?
Back to a more socially acceptable visit, to an LMT,
Then a Reiki master and some herbal tea.

In balance I advanced to polarity therapy,
Later drawn to a psychic as if magnetically.
Next was a shaman that treated me,
With calming observations sub-consciously.

Before you new it, I took another progression,
To my Akashic reading, and a past life regression.
Then I stepped back with some sound nutrition,
And then an herbalist, with ingredient additions.

Taking a time out, for I was moving too fast,
I slowed the pace, by enrolling in a yoga class.
But my congenital sciatica, continued to flare,
So I turned to acupuncture, yet a new form of care.

Then I planned a spiritual retreat, a healthy cessation,
Only for reading, organic eating, and meditation.
Yet there would be more, as I tuned into Tantra,
Learning ancient practices, and many a new mantra.

Making time for astrology, and exploring my birth sign,
My Gemini twin made some sense of my own design.
A more tame experience with an aroma therapist,
I breathed in scents for healing, I could not resist.

From Feng Shui for my office and my home,
With all these healers, I never felt alone.
Next came Chinese medicine, but avoiding colonics,
Not trying everything seemed funny and ironic.

Magnetic items clung to my cloths me for a while,
But they did not always fit the occasion in style.
Many a diet, I would be open to try it,
My family would laugh, finding me a riot.

Yet spiritual readings, combined all with power,
As I was energized, both daily and by the hour.
Then energetic healers, with rituals of rebirthing,
Their breath work astounded me, a new unearthing.

Add kinesiology, and some crystal therapy,
How could I be anything less, than happy?
For all the spokes of the wheel, had spoken to me,
I felt better by the year, bodily, and spiritually.

Taking time for my health, I now better help others,
From family and friends, loving all as sisters and brothers.
With an annual retreat, to minister to myself,
As loving manifestations, restore wellness and health.

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