Friendship & Healing

Writings from Healing Literature

“To the soul, there is hardly anything more healing than friendship.” (Thomas Moore)

“Fabric of Friendship”

Circle Of Friendship

In the ever unfolding gift of friendship,
I send out intentions without any strings to attach,
Desiring only to share freely with you that fabric,
With which my essential nature has been strung,
For connecting eternal relationships with other souls.

By sharing these threads of my friendship,
I hope you will appreciate the various ways I have been woven.
Hopefully not rejecting the bared exposure of my soul,
As one notices my torn and frayed human portions,
Those threadbare imperfections, are merely mortal distortions.

So may the hand of friendship thread any loose ends,
Tying to strengthen, touching hearts we make amends.
Through such bonds, were all restored and made whole,
So our fragile friendships, hearten both body and soul.

Reaching out to others, reconnects our friendly reunion,
Interweaving and intertwining, in uncommon communion.
May we all lovingly extend our hands in further mending
All of our relationships, are truly friendships never ending.

* Joyce Bealer “Friendship Tree”

“Brush Strokes Envisioned”

Your words paint an impression upon thee,
With each gentle stroke you elegantly brush,
Using strands of silken hair, you colorfully reshape me;
Hues give expression, as an image grows lush.

Mirrors simply reflect our complexity,
Of two enjoined in social intercourse,
Every path arrives at destinations differently,
Yet from the same energy of original force.
Indeed who knows of any future travels,
Or pre-destinations, when life unravels.

Painting a picture in which we share,
Content with a vision to once again meet.
With relevant writings created to share.
Always at peace whenever we should greet.

We will speak more of these tomorrows,
When we brush away today’s concerns.
With loving strokes each new day borrows,
Painting moments of love to live and learn.

Mardi Gras Moment

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