Table of Contents

The Paradigm Prophecies by Richard F. Moore

“The Paradigm Prophesies”
(Reflections For Healing)

I present you with the following table of contents. Within, it will provide some advanced insight into the direction of this road map on a mutual journey of human healing.

PROLOGUE (Understanding Diversity)

Act I: THE PAST- A Declaration of Independence
Chapter 1 – “In The Darkness Of Illusions” (Understanding First Exposures)
Chapter 2 – “Early in the Journey” (Understanding The Silence)
Chapter 3 – “A Cry in the Wilderness” (Understanding Change & Chaos)
Chapter 4 – “A Ray of Light” (Understanding Beyond Oneself)
Chapter 5 – “A Confluence of Nurses & Healers”(Understanding Pathways To Healing)

Act II: THE PRESENT MOMENT– A Declaration of Interdependence
Chapter 6 – “Family” (Understanding Biology and Brotherhood)
Chapter 7 – “Illumination” (Understanding Love and Light)
Chapter 8 – “Healing” (Understanding Forgiveness and Freedom)
Chapter 9 – “Rhythms of Rumi and Songs of Solomon for the New Millennium” (Understanding Sexuality and Healing)

Act III: THE FUTURE- A Declaration of Divinity
Chapter 10 – “Perspectives and Paradigms” (Understanding Paradise Found)

EPILOGUE (Understanding Unity)

Appendix /Credits

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