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“Everywhere I go I find a poet has been there before me.”(Sigmund Freud)


Like each frozen crystal, or fallen snowflake,
No two beings ever the same!
Neither woman’s breast, nor male lingam is replicated;
No two bodies alike, nobody twice repeated.
Even twins fail to fully mirror the other,
In exposing the illusion of ideal size,
Concepts of right or wrong shed their guise!
Heavenly bodies, all uniquely positioned,
Over the whole universe, in holy juxtaposition.
In this atmosphere clouds billow by,
With ever renewing shapes in the sky,
Each earthly breath, births a new form!
It is no wonder why conformity is so uncomfortable,
Be comforted in your uniqueness in every way, shape, and norm.

For nothing is normal,
We are all extraordinary,
Every star shines as one of a kind,
Bright from one source so divine,
A miracle in each moment,
As we discover our own unique design.
Uncovering this truth, upon each crystal we gaze,
Recovering our sight, our spirits are raised.
Healing the fractures from illusions that blind,
Focusing with crystal clarity were pleased to find,
Stardust is common, within each other’s eyes,
Our future of loving union is clearly visualized

The inspiration of this poem came from my own parenting attempts to convey to three teenage daughters that our cultures pressure to idealize some mythical female physical form is a harmful message. In addition I listened to several psychiatric nurses who had expressed their frustration with the treating the increasing incidences of anorexia, and bulimia; conditions often related to not accepting the natural beauty of our bodies, and more specifically respecting our individual uniqueness.

“Resilient Seasons”

We are all entitled, To our personal seasons,
Some roads are required, To experience for reasons.
Reasons unknown, As things come and go,
Yet surely you have grown, looking back you will know.

So fear not the future, self-centering is not bad,
your balance will be truer, and immeasurably glad!
Such are our seasons, Of both darkness and light,
they include many pleasings, unseen at first sight.

“Echo’s of the Heart”

Flowing from this chamber,
An observation of the heart,
Serving love over anger,
A resuscitation of loves lost art.

From this heart, read more of me,
Receiving warmth that love imparts.
As echo-cardiograms help to clearly see,
In clearing clots, enlightening heavy hearts.

Wounds of anger, or hatred worse,
Blocks loves flow in causing a curse.
Illness is linked to a failure to forgive,
In attacking the heart, we cannot live.

So silently I am sutured,
Touched in the silent night,
My being is again nurtured,
By the hearts intuitive insight.

In abstaining from cultural judging,
While gently reaching, never shoving,
Circulating love beyond begrudging,
Acceptance is healing and ever loving.

The sudden sight of a black raven,
Crosses a luminous beam of light,
That shines warmth upon your safe haven,
Notice that illusory shadows, always flee in flight.

Flowing from this chamber,
From the beatings of a heart,
Echoing love over anger,
The essence of love’s fine art.

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