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Are you looking to host a healing seminar, workshop, or conference presentation with Author and Healing Advocate, Richard F. Moore?

We welcome speaking engagements for groups both large and small. Discussions presented in speaking engagements range from organizational topics that assist in advancing your institutional mission, to subjects of individual inspiration through writings and poetry.  All presentations are focused upon an intention of supporting a sense of healthy community by sharing real life reflections that foster an informal process for personal and private healing.

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As a Poet, Speaker, Author and former Executive, Richard Moore customizes his presentations to your expressed needs with topics and themes addressing your concerns. Additionally he speaks with an intention centered on gratitude, encouragement, inspiration, and healing to all.  This is especially true for everyone serving their fellow beings in the “caring professions” and healing arts such as nursing, medicine, holistic health and alternative therapies.

Richard Moore, speaking at the 2nd annual nursing and spirituality conference, Boston, MA. Oct. 16, 2010

A Brief Introduction to Richard F. Moore

A 1974 Graduate BS Education from Niagara University, Richard’s career has had him serve in various executive leadership capacities for over 30 years. His focus was largely on several gender related wellness and health initiatives within the YMCA, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, and the nursing profession respectively.

For the past decade he directed the philanthropic development program for the State University of New York at Buffalo, School of Nursing. He has conducted literally thousands of interviews with nurses and health practitioners in forty-two states over the past fifteen years. The advice and counsel he obtained from these interviews are an important source of his work, as he plays back the collective voice of nurses and holistic healing practitioners in so many disciplines and venues. He blends this knowledge and experience with insight and inspiration to give back his energy and encouragement to all healers with the valor to do such blessed work. In essence, he extends appreciation, while encouraging all of us to support healing for ourselves and for these gifted healers of our world.

Richard’s heartfelt words in his poetry convey the impact nurses and other healing professionals have had on him both personally and professionally. Richard connects with audiences, inviting their attention as he provides new context and meaning to the healing arts in expressing his awareness and deep gratitude for the benefits of the unique mission of Nursing, and so many other alternative healers helping our world to heal. His poetry informally serves as a form of meditative medicine that reflects personal healing and also addresses many public themes in our world headlines. Beyond that, he addresses unanticipated themes of healthy gender in respect to balancing humanity’s need for a deeper collective healing; specifically of men and women in relationship to each other!

While Richard’s writings and speaking presentations are essentially from a professional perspective, they also draw heavily upon many unfortunate personal circumstances and past experiences from a client’s and patients perspective. Garnered from conditions and events ranging from tragic accidents, sudden family deaths, a mother’s widowhood, illnesses ranging from heart attacks, to brain tumors, and female cancers, the reading of his poetry expresses the depth of transformational healing love that is inherently contained within nursing and other holistic practices.

Richard Moore, speaking at Holistic Healers Conference, Sedona, AZ, April 2009

Richard’s hallmark is his down-to-earth, interactive style that naturally engages an audience in sharing back their own wisdom and healing care with each other. The outcome has already been a life changing lesson to encourage, uplift and honor nurses / healers, and in a special context to honor womanhood (not to diminish the important recognition of our male practitioners). It is his intention to provide a fresh perspective that acknowledges a long overdue appreciation and deeper understanding for the role and positive contributions these healing beings contribute to us individually and throughout our world.

In 2009, with his three daughters “leaving the nest”, Richard decided to voluntarily leave his successful career in philanthropic development to take that leap in faith into an unknown path. His intuitive desire has long been to pursue publishing his lifelong writings. He is also continuing to perform some selective fund raising consulting (www.pacewny.com) on a limited basis, while primarily devoting his energies to writing his book and speaking to groups (Nurses, Holistic healers and Gold Star Mothers of America) in sharing his healing prose and poetry. For more information, please email Richard Moore at RMoore@healingliterature.com.

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