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What qualifies me to offer healing insights?

My support of individual healing begins by sharing with you the manifold perspectives I was privileged to listen to by virtue of my 35 year career in working directly with leaders of wellness and health care institutions. My work included conducting personal interviews in the homes and offices of thousands of practitioners (traditional and alternative) and patients across the nation.

These individual providers and clients all candidly shared how they benefited from the healing arts and sciences as they worked through their injuries and illnesses.  I trust that by anonymously sharing with you the personal stories of their paths to recovery and wellness, that it will serve to enhance your own journey to healing and positive growth. In addition to their accounts, I naturally considered the wisdom gained from my own personal experiences with illness and health. Over time I began to slowly absorb a combination of the privileged personal information within all of our sacred stories, and observed that both me and my family were now benefiting from these incredibly diverse insights into human healing. As you might presume, these collective health challenges covered the gamut of our human experience, including the physical, emotional, and psychological to name a few; and yes even healing the proverbial human soul or spirit.

By sharing with you others perspectives, accompanied with reflections upon my own experiences with injury and hurt, my intention is to support both individual and collective healing as part of everyone’s lifelong growth process. Some personal examples that deeply impacted me included the sudden death of my Father in my adolescence, followed shortly afterward by the accidental shooting and death of my then 13 year old brother. Later in life my Mom’s death from cancer,  another brothers fatal heart attack at a young age, my wife and children’s successful outcomes from tumors and cancers over a decade, and my own heart attack provide just a few episodes on my own learning curve on healing.

Regarding the many individual interviews I conducted, I listened to some sobering and traumatic stories of healing from the extreme injuries incurred from war, rape, child & substance abuse, abandonment, serious handicaps, along with the many daily health concerns we often share in common together. The point of this dual perspective (individual and collective human healing) is to crystallize that while we all have very unique lives and experiences, we also share much in common as our collective lives all include such obvious polarities as birth and death, rain and sun, joy and sorrow, illness and health and so on.

In any case or description, we can discover that in a very real sense we are undeniably connected as “one”.  Currently you can even find instances in the work of physicists and spiritual leaders that coincidentally use the same term one source, often unconsciously suggesting similar universal conclusions. Arriving at one point from opposite perspectives if you will, seems to signify a gradual convergence of spirituality and science. These historically differing paths increasingly point us onto roads that ultimately lead us in the direction of one destination.

In this context, I hope you will patiently treat yourself to travel with me as I share many unique individual stories of healing. The innate healing benefit of these stories is NOT concerned about whose views are right or wrong, but the purpose is to help us all understand the experiences of others.  If one listens carefully, there is a place for new discovery of the common ground we all share together on our lifelong journey into our healing power within… your power within!

How long have you been writing?

I have been writing since grade school is the simple answer. In my adult life, I have desired to write much more, but it has been intermittent given work and the raising of three daughters. I have been fortunate in that my career positions have all required and provided great opportunities to write on behalf of good causes to be philanthropically supported. From correspondence, to newsletters, magazines, brochures and more, I have at least utilized my writing instincts. I have duly noted that I left my career path after my daughters were raised to pursue writing on topics long dear to my heart.

What have your written?

I have written a collection of short stories and poetry. My most recent work is “The Paradigm Prophecies (Reflections for Healing).” As of September 1, 2016, it’s now available in softcover, hardcover, and e-book online from Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble.com, The Paradigmprophecies.com, Trafford.com, as well as an exclusive signed edition (With a designed bookmark) available on this site.

Why did I write a book of healing literature titled “The Paradigm Prophecies” (Reflections for Healing)

Well, if you or a loved one has ever experienced a serious illness, it is likely that somewhere along the line others have tried to support you by sharing their own stories of recovery and healing.  An all too familiar example may sadly be some form of cancer, when out of the blue a friend or family member comes forth to offer moral support and encouragement by sharing their own real success stories in facing these sobering health challenges.  Understanding this basic purpose, the book then endeavors to further explore those often unspoken deeper spiritual lessons of life and healing.  Given the admitted limitations of mere words, this book tries to communicate beyond language, attempting to examine these more mystical aspects of life by utilizing meditative poetry at the end of each chapter. Beyond the practical benefits of sharing of people’s true life stories, the most important premise of my book is to simply pose questions about healing for the individual to answer themselves for their own benefit. The prose and poetry were written to more effectively communicate the insightful perspectives these stories can offer us about healing.

On the other hand these true stories are NOT intended to advance a particular viewpoint, be it philosophical, religious, political, economic, or social.  So it is the lessons contained therein are not about right or wrong, approval, or judgment and condemnation.  Their intention is to seek a better understanding of being in another person’s shoes, to help assist our own personal healing. In brief, I felt the sharing of these stories simply serves as an invitation for us to listen, and better understand other people’s real life circumstances and experiences. In this context, these stories can hopefully prove beneficial to your own evolving thoughts on healing ourselves and our world.  I can only speak for myself in attesting to the insight and healing I continue to receive from others.

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