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“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience”.   (Teilhard de Chardin)

“A Day In The Eternal Moment”

In the depths of a winter day,
I drifted with the winds,
I heard your voice, I smiled,
I saw you face, I smiled,
I heard your laugh, I laughed,
I heard your humor, I became happier,
I felt your spirit, I was energized,
I’ve felt our kinship, I smiled wider.

Springs warmth will soon return,
Always a reassuring reality,
Like a lifelong friend,
A universal truth, eternal friendships,
Angelic yet human, yet devilishly delightful,
So abundant and plentiful.
Expressing the nature of one and all,
Springs equinox proves paradoxical.

Smiling amidst increased light and warmth,
Interdependence freshly flows,
Internally and externally,
At a time where everyone grows.
Independence with a loving reason,
Our dependence upon love in every season.

“Ever In The Ether”

Ever loving, ever embraced,
Ever Eros, ever graced,
Ever present, Everlasting.

Everyone, every instance,
Every instant, every moment.
Every grain of sand, every blade of grass,
Every being ever loved,
Every strand of hair counted,
Every trouble surmounted,

Ever giving, never pending,
Ever receiving, ever sending,
Ever forgiving, never ending.

Every corner of the universe exists as one,
Reverence for all creation, healing everyone,
Evermore in the ether, as one…

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