The Paradigm Prophecies Reflections for Healing

By Richard F. Moore

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The Paradigm Prophecies: Reflections for Healing," by author Richard Francis Moore is a treasury of healing writings, stories, and poetry from people across the globe. With nearly a decade in compiling these stories, Moore artistically crafts a must-read book that offers helpful and hopeful guidance to those in search of personal healing and forgiveness.

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About this Book

A Note from the Author, Richard F. Moore

Writing in a context that focuses upon our human similarity, I was able to release the burden of any fear that my writing might bring on any personal embarrassment. I readily admit that it is initially a very humbling experience to share one’s private life, and dare to use it for a positive purpose.

I must add here that I was greatly inspired by the many individuals I interviewed on this topic of healing. They would transform me as they openly shared many personal stories included in this book. Understanding this, my writing invites everyone to more honestly view our many human contradictions alongside the strength of what we all share in common. This invitation might be better understood in the context that God is often purported to have spoken through humble messengers, and in my view still does so daily through each one of us. All that is really required to receive divine communications is that we quiet ourselves and willingly tune into the spirit instilled within us from the beginning of time. So it is that I write from the strength of sharing what I have in common with my fellow beings. In other words I write as an “ordinary individual” which in my view is an oxymoron, since we all share in the common origin of our human and divine natures. This can make us all extraordinary!

There are of course many experts who have authored books which include beneficial specialized knowledge in many specific areas of healing. I have often benefitted from many of their insights. My intentional focus is in writing about the simplicity our daily life experiences in the hopes that it may resonate with you as familiar and thus more trustworthy. If you relate to these human conditions even partially, the text can then serve as a sort of self-guided process for exploring your own experiences. Here you can privately examine your own beliefs and gauge whether your own thoughts, and experiences, stand up to your upbringing. Do your indoctrinations remain true for you, or might you reevaluate some of your own previous convictions.  In the end, I will share many individual perspectives, including my own. This is presented to demonstrate and consider a deeper understanding of our human condition. These examples do not represent some righteous new dogma or philosophy.  This is about your ongoing journey for your continuing personal growth and an invitation for all to begin a private process of healing.

Blessings to all as you go forth on your own journey of healing and discovery of your personal power within!

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