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“Strangers are just family you have yet to come to know.” (Mitch Albom)


Be it our immediate family (biological or otherwise), community, cultural, national, religious, or Human family, we are undeniably and collectively linked to healing each other in innumerable ways. A few reflections follow.

The Child

A child from nowhere, embraced by two,
Regardless of gender, happy with any hue.
Born a conception, of incomparable truth,
From newborn, to toddler, and into youth.

Obviously Simple, complex to comprehend,
A life is beginning, here on without end.
A breathtaking birth, in giving first breath,
Miracle mother earth, bears life from death.

In the normal course of our daily life,
Comes a healthy dose of discord and strife.
Shades of blue and gray, so plain to see,
A child brings balance, laughter and glee.

Labored by love; busy, tired and drained,
Constant energy, on this child to be trained.
The pleasure of parenting, while not all joy,
Invites us to lavish, loving girl or boy!

Weathering the tough times, and rougher rains,
Growth is born in darkness, of loss and deep pains!
Yet harvesting growth is a pleasure supreme,
Transforming each tear, to nourish a dream.

“A Glimpse Into the World of Right and Wrong”

We may reveal ourselves without fearing our rough edges,
Or our shattered parts, after falling from life’s ledges.
Seeing only right angles, fingering blame in a pointless direction,
As righteousness entangles, with our fear of rejection.

Even the right angles can wrongly lead us astray,
As sharp minds and tongues can cut both ways.
Yet our broken parts can also sharpen us with fresh slices of life,
Utilizing our disjointed parts to sparkle anew in mosaic mirrors,

Yes clearly reflecting both our pain and our pride,
Tasting equality, we groom gifts for our divine feminine bride.

Celebrating the diversity of our combined truth,
We inevitably encircle all viewpoints,

Coming around to a place where we can all freely sing our hearts true song,
Overcoming faulted arguments of who broke the mirror of right and wrong!

Parental Paradise Found”

With the sun now setting, Upon our parenting role.
No thought of regretting, No lamenting of the soul.
Always in relationship, In a revolutionary new form.
In re-created friendship, A re-creation thus born.

Recreation as in being playful,
Released from a life so full,
Dipping into a sea of tranquility.
No womb to bear more responsibility.

Free to see, to hear, and to fully feel,
Renewing old, and new friendships with zeal,
Tasting goodness, inhaling all of life’s scents,
Savoring all blessings and spontaneous moments.

“Sisterhood & Brotherhood”

Brother Sun, Sister Moon,
Father Time, Mother earth,
Deliver us, and make it soon,
Guide us to our own rebirth.
Women and Men, would you be so kind,
To again bless each other, renewing humankind.
Brother, sister, father, mother,
Bless the freedom of our interdependence.
Lovingly bestow blessings upon each other,
For liberty loves all, in true independence.

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