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Frederick Moore
Frederick Moore

I would like to extend a special thank you to my brother Frederick Moore, who composed the musical intro for this Healing Literature website. You can learn more about Frederick or download the complete CD from Itunes.

The following musicians are mentioned due to the positive and powerful influence their works have had upon my life and spirit.  While thousands could be potentially listed, I have limited it to those whose vision, insight and inspirations have most deeply supported my life and healthy growth over time. Generally the overall body of their works is worthwhile, however in some instances I refer you to a specific creation of theirs that touched me in a profound way.

Many are well known names to you, yet those unknown names are worthy of your exploration. In the spirit of growth, others will no doubt be added in the years ahead.

  • Beethoven, Ludwig Von – Sixth Symphony “Pastorale”
  • Chapin-Carpenter, Mary
  • DiFranco, Ani
  • Donovan (Leitch)
  • Dylan, Bob
  • Guthrie, Woody
  • Harrison, George
  • Lennon, John
  • McKennitt, Loreena
  • Mitchell, Joni
  • Swales, Penelope
  • Young, Neil
  • Vivaldi, Antonio
  • Hildegard Von Bingen

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