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“The first duty of love is to listen” (Paul Tillich)

Despite the admitted limitations of language and poetry, I forge ahead with the best of my ability to express my truth and shine my own light while walking this earth. May it serve to brighten our pathways en route to our bright future together, as we invite and then permit the revealing of our own enlightenment. Let us light the way to our mutual eternal destination.


One holds it high, with heart aflame,
Lighting the night sky, striking love’s name.
Cups flow with confidence in stride and pace.
Running over with love for the human race.

In absence of ego, or a sense of false pride.
Stepping ever forward or stepping aside,
A torchlight shines its light to lead,
For both leader and the accompanied.

This beacon guides our human sight,
Arriving in our own time of love and light.
With a passionate sigh, and hearts ablaze,
Lighting our world, blessing nights and days.

“Love’s Reign”

Searching for a land where love may reign.
Securing salvation for the soul to reclaim.

Inheriting hollow answers over the years.
Sorrow drops a spirit in the form of tears,
Drenched with sadness in a drowning rain,
Our Souls Seek love, echoing a hearts refrain.

Hoping for freedom from fear and shame,
Searching for a land where love may reign.

In fear and shame, a soul screams out,
A primal query, as it wanders about,
For whom, why, and what on earth for?
Madness born from false religious fervor.

Clinging to our minds, our sanity to maintain,
Onward we walk to where love might reign.

In anguish, the human heart earnestly asks,
Exhausted in searching beyond outward reach,
It prays for the truth, and unveiling our masks,
Looking inward, a begging soul does beseech,
To discover its own truth, in performing its task,
Yielding joyful sounds, replacing normal speech.

Created to love fully and freely, our heavenly design,
Recognizing our unity, reflecting all as divine.
In experiencing our true nature, we now maintain,
Birthright of a loving world, our inherited domain.

The soul is eternally free to sing loving refrains,
Being divine truth, understanding love always reigns.

Love Reigns

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