Forgiveness & Healing

Writings of Healing Literature

“Forgiveness is the key to happiness” (A Course In Miracles)

“Blessed by Balance -I”

We are given forgiveness, without even the need,
To submit to any dogma, or align with some creed.
A gift of the Goddess, God’s lineage as beings of bliss,
A birthright of the universe, impossible to ever miss.
On this balanced scale, equally divine in God’s sight,
Men and Women together may reach the greatest heights,
Within the Goddesses image, births God’s greatest delights.

“The Moment Of Future History”

Sorrowful centuries of historical repetitions,
An indictment of man’s ADAMant convictions.
Repeating through the ages, a pathological path,
Replete with the rages of our illogical wrath.

Strict adherence to a sticky situation; has it struck you?
Results of our loyal dedication to the tried and untrue.
An EVEning breath cleanses, exhaling all our fear,
Quenching thirsty spirits, as loving solutions appear.

Theological volumes no longer lead us astray,
Millenniums of madness not replicated today.
We can create a new future, as this nation once did,
A Declaration of Independence, was also once forbid.

Departures from the past, are better understood,
Gazing back upon history, from where we once stood.
Envisioning our future destiny, declare it forevermore,
Creating our children’s vision, of a world without war.

Divesting old ideas, invests in our forgiving conviction,
Resolving our conflicts, absolving all historical repetition.

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