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“Richard presented at the second annual MGH/BWH Spirituality in Nursing Conference and inspired all with his beautiful poems and insights into the experience of nurses across the country. Thanks Richard!”

Jacqueline A. Somerville RN, PhD
Associate Chief Nurse, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA

“Thank you for coming to the conference and presenting your poetry. I think it really began to add another dimension to the conference. We are so busy doing that we don’t always take the time to actually process the words we heard or the emotions we felt because there’s always another task to perform. Your poetry forced people to “feel”. I have the reviews, which were are really good, especially since we are asking people to listen to information and “feelings” talk that they are not used to listening to in the hospital arena. I will send you the review sheet as soon.”

Patricia Reilly, RN, MSN
Integrative Care Program Director, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, MA

“Recently I attended a presentation by Richard, offered to the Nurses of  Brigham and Women’s and Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston at their 2nd annual ‘Nursing and Spirituality Conference’.  Richard proved himself one of those rare souls who possess the emotional intelligence to express authentic reverence for his audience, while also taking an empathic leap right into their shoes.  He spoke directly into the stories and questions of their profession from places where his experience converged, touching hearts in ways few others can.  The power of Richard’s genuine depth and understanding is refreshing where podium presentations so often leave us bereft of a semblance of passion”.

Maya Yonika, Shamanic Healer

“You are mythical in your words and they truly touch me. You are a gifted writer and effective speaker.   Dick presented at our  “American Gold Star Mothers” NY StateConvention April 2010. (mothers who have lost children in the military service) and read a reflective poem on his visit to the Vietnam Wall, which he wrote on his return flight home.  I cannot tell you how touching and moving it was.  Please have him read this poem.”
Thank you Dick!

Ann Georgian Davis, President “NY State Gold Star Mother’s”

“Richard Moore was asked by the Dunkirk Conference Center’s Board of Trustees to present what he deemed important for a fund raising direction for this organization.  His ideas and goals were on target,  most appropriate, and attainable with our vision and mission.  His professionalism and commitment to our needs was appreciated and welcomed. Thank you for taking the time with us.”

Jeff Ribbeck, President – Dunkirk Conference Center

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