Month: January 2012

Welcome to the Shared Stories section of Healing Literature. In this shared space, visitors are invited and given the ability to post stories of healing experiences, encouragement and insight.

My Recent Near Death Experience January 6, 2012

This past June I went to the Lewistown Hospital for ischemia colitis……was told that heart is not pumping enough blood to colon….made appt with cardiologist and he scheduled me to be catherized in middle of July along with implanting two stents. After returning home I developed a hematoma on my thigh, and went back to …

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About Shared Stories

Be it a new scientific or technological treatment, a rediscovered ancient remedy, or an emerging alternative therapy, share it with others. If you have a beneficial anecdote or story you would like to share, please submit it now. In general we encourage you to be clear on a topic title, and succinct by keeping it to a few sentences up to a couple of paragraphs.


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