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My Recent Near Death Experience January 6, 2012

This past June I went to the Lewistown Hospital for ischemia colitis……was told that heart is not pumping enough blood to colon….made appt with cardiologist and he scheduled me to be catherized in middle of July along with implanting two stents. After returning home I developed a hematoma on my thigh, and went back to Harrisburg GH to have it taken care of and after the operation was put in ICU……My Dr. was telling the family that they could visit in a little while when I coded……according to my daughter I was gone for 13 minutes……they brought me back and was put back in the ICU……..later during hospitalization stay, I developed another hematoma the size of a large ball on my thigh which they had to drain, put in a port and release the pressure. That remained on until I ready to go to therapy, at which time then they put a wound ‘vac’ on, which I carried around for 3 1/2 months until the incision was healed.

During the time of my leaving this life, I did not see or talk to God, I did not see a white light, and I don’t remember anything about the situation……only what my husband and kids told me after the fact. Apparently God wasn’t ready for me, as I was told I had also flat-lined in the ambulance before we got to the hospital, so there were two times I was not granted entrance to heaven.           I wish God had told me what I was expected to do. I know taking care of my husband and family goes without saying, but what else am I to accomplish? Sometimes it scares me thinking about it, but then I put it behind me and think God will tell me one of these days or show me in some way. I feel that all the prayers that were given for me did some good; because my life hasn’t been pure……Prayer is certainly on my mind, as are thoughts of the very essence of the world……..without prayer we would be nowhere…..thanks for listening!

Mrs Ethel Miller

Richfield, Pennsylvania

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