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Reviewed by Donna Ford,  January 2016

“These stories are presented only to help us listen to others first, which can free us to better hear our inner voice and intuitive wisdom.”
Moore combines memoir-like glimpses into his life along with evocative poems he has written in order to make the case that replacing current paradigms could heal humankind and positively impact the world’s future. His motivation is the conviction that going forward the world must consider global needs. This book calls for both a new paradigm and updated prophecies based on new revelation. Thus, the author challenges existing paradigms centered around religious doctrine and national self-interest.

Gifted with a knack for softening the defenses of those he addresses, even while suggesting the errors of current thought, the author is unlikely to make lasting enemies. One cannot stay annoyed at someone willing to reveal personal hurts (for which little consolation arrived from religion). You may agree, or not, with his editing of the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence and suggesting this be substituted as the authority above sacred writings. Regardless of your opinion, likely you would fight to defend his freedom to speak out…even while questioning whether the delicate plant of equality can thrive globally without careful, even sacrificial, watering like that provided by our founding fathers.

Moore has spent thirty-five years professionally securing volunteers and funds to support healthy causes. During this time he attended talks given by forty, world-renown speakers including actors/actresses, politicians, entertainers, and authors. He surveyed health workers regarding the conventional and alternative approaches to healing that they advocate. For this book he has evaluated and incorporated their comments into workable paradigms for family, forgiveness, and freedom.

While the author is often guilty of rehashing buzz words from today’s media and scientific research, a saving grace is that his sharp mind has perfected instilling trite phrases with surprising freshness.

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